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How to create 2 different paypal accounts using the same email address?

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I deleted an email and now I want to create a new account with the same email address. Can I do this?

Depends on the service you're using. Sometimes providers will have a certain holding period in which they reserve an email account name before making it available to the public for use again. This is so the original holder of the email can reclaim it if he/she has second thoughts (And it also helps prevents identity fraud), but the procedure for reclamation varies. Otherwise, maybe it will work. You don't know until you try.

I know AOL is one service that does reserve a deleted email for a while.
I deleted an email and now I want to create a new account with the same email address. Can I do this?
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I accidentally deleted my email address, and it wont let me create one using the same name. How do I find or?

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I accidentally deleted my email address, and it wont let me create one using the same name. How do I find or?
You can't reuse the name once it has been deleted. Like disconnected phone numbers, Yahoo holds these names in reserve for a certain (undisclosed) period of time before they release them back into the pool for reuse.

How to I create a ID to go into a chat room without showing my name with my email address?

Just make a id with bougus info (Not your real name) Then you should be ok.

What is the security like at yahoo i have had to close one email address created a new one its been stolen 2?

its been hijacked by spam rolex sells force
What is the security like at yahoo i have had to close one email address created a new one its been stolen 2?
If you accounts and other information keeps getting hijacked it means there is some spyware or virus on your computer that just records EVERYTHING you do, so when you log into something like yahoo, you are giving away your username and password. You need a real, legitanite, Anti-Virus/Spyware program to clean out your system and help protect you in the future. You will no doubt be flooded with people recommending "Free" protection programs and you need to remember, when it comes to security, you get what you pay for and when you pay nothing, you get nothing. The best security program available is Norton 360. It is Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware, has active Fraud Monitoring, offers Back-up and Restore Protection, as well as Windows and Hard Drive clean up and Optimization. Another good program is WebRoot SpySweeper which you can get as just Anti-Spyware or get it with Anti-Virus too. I use both Norton 360 and WebRoot Spysweeper for a double layer of protection and I have never been infected by anything. Just remember, when running these programs to remove a threat, you need to disable Windows System Restore to prevent the virus replicating it's self in the System Restore folder. To disable System Restore click, Start, Control Panel, Performance and Maintenance, System, and then the System Restore Tab and then select Disable System Restore. Real programs like Norton 360 do not need to be run in Windows Safemode and will actually not run at all and it will tell you to just run it normally in Windows and to disable System Restore. Just make sure to disable the internet access, like unplugging the network cable, so the virus can not redownload it's self during the scan.
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What email address should I put when creating any kind of account in the Internet?

I was creating a myspace account, then it ask me for an email address. I want to know what should I put for it, can I used my yahoo email address? If i used it what will happen? Or do I have to create an email address for ti? Also can i used my yahoo email address for other accounts like youtube or other or I'll have to create one. Please be specific.
What email address should I put when creating any kind of account in the Internet?
You only need one email address. Your Yahoo email is just fine for everything (but as far as email services go, while we're on the subject, I recommend Gmail, but Yahoo is just fine) Myspace, Youtube...everything. Nothing will "happen." You will use this email to log into your Myspace. They might send you mail once in a while, like Myspace will send you notifications for friend requests and new messages, but you can opt to turn this off in you Myspace settings. Same thing for Youtube, they might send you subscription updates and stuff, but again, you can also shut this off.
Reply:When creating a myspace account, you can use your yahoo email address or any other email address that you have. After submitting your email to myspace, you will then have to go to that email, for example, your yahoo email, and check your inbox to see if you have yet to receive an email from myspace asking for you to confirm your account with them. Once you have clicked on that link, you will then have full access to myspace.

As long as you have an email address that you can use and is up to date, you can basically use it for any other web addresses and accounts.

Hope you understand and hope I helped! =]
Reply:You can use whatever email address you want to create an account, just make sure you use a valid one. For sites like youtube or myspace, the email is going to be used to alert you of things like if someone leaves a comment, someone wants to be your friend, etc. (Note: You can always change your settings so you don't receive these notifications; they can really add up in your inbox. Some sites, like facebook or myspace, will have notifications on your home page so you don't need the email notifications.)

The reason why I mention using a valid email address -- that is, one that you use and check often (so it remains active) -- is because if you ever forget your password or something, pretty much all websites will send you an email that will help you gain access to your account. They usually do this by giving you instructions to reset your password or by sending you your actual password (most of the time it's the former).

If you don't want to receive promotional emails and such, during registration, make sure that you check off the option to NOT receive them. If you forget to do this, most (if not all) sites will allow you to change your email preferences in your account settings once you get the account set up. I decided to throw this in in case you ever register for an account at a retailer's site. They'll ask if you want to receive alerts for promotions and coupons.

To answer the last part of your question, you do not need to create a new yahoo email address every time you sign up for an account on a site. You can use the same one for all of them. However, if you want to make more than one account on a site, you will need to use a different email address. For example, if you use for a youtube account, if you want a second youtube account, the site will most likely ask you to use another email address because there's already an account that is using that email address. If you try to register for a youtube account and you run into this problem, you probably already have an account on that site OR there is the unlikely possibility that someone accidentally used your email address because theirs is really similar and they don't know how to type.

If you ever decide to create a new email address, make sure you update your email address on each site (youtube, myspace, facebook, etc.). I used to work in customer service for Barnes %26amp; When you forget your password, we'd send you an email to reset it, but a lot of times, people would change their email addresses and forget which one they used or they didn't have access to it anymore due to changing internet service providers (this is why I always prefer to use a free service that's not tied to a paid account that will be deactivated when I end my subscription). It's funny because they got mad, but they should be keeping their information current. People would move a lot, too, and they'd get mad when we won't release information to them if they couldn't provide their previous address (it's a security measure).

Anyway, sorry for this being so lengthy. I was just trying to be thorough. Hope this helps.
Reply:Is this the first time you've used the internet?

I thought it was common knowledge that you can use the same account for any website you want or as many different ones as you like.

I must've signed up to about 200 websites in the last couple years, as if I'd make 200 e-mail accounts.
Reply:You can use your yahoo email address for all those things. I would suggest however, that you create a gmail or hotmail address for use on those types of sites. It keeps down the amount of junk mail that you get on your real email address.
Reply:You can use the same email address for just about everything. However, if you're worried about spam, I'd recommend signing up for a service like spamgourmet, which will 'hide' your real email address from wherever you are subscribing to, but you will still get the mail.
Reply:You can use your Yahoo one.

or you can make one just for youtube,myspace and stuff like that so your no constantly looking or reminded you have mail all the time
Reply:You don't need any kind of special e-mail address to create an account with myspace or you tube. Your yahoo account will be fine.
Reply:just write ur yahoo one

but dont write the same password

How do i change my email address without having to create a new one?

for example; i wanna change from to but i dun wish to create a new email addy. i just wanna edit. pls advise. thanks :)
How do i change my email address without having to create a new one?
You have to keep the first one it is your ID. You can however have an extra e-mail address that is connected to the ID. All mail will be in the same inbox.

The only way you can do it without having to open a new account is to add an extra address. If you would like to do that here is how to do it.

1. Click Options in the upper-right corner of your Mail page.

2. Under “Management”, click Mail Addresses.

3. In the “Extra Email Address” section, click Get Started.

4. Either type whatever new address you’d like to try (we’ll tell you if it’s already taken), or use one of our suggestions on the right.

5. Click Choose.

Now your extra address appears in the list of Yahoo! Mail accounts shown on this page. To help prevent spamming, we only allow you to change your extra address twice in one year.

If you have the All New Mail

1. Click the options.

2. On the left had side click the accounts.

3. Go down to extra mail address.

4. Click the get started.
Reply:Yes you can't just "edit". You can just export your contacts if possible and create a new email account... after you inform all your contacts of the change... you can close down the existing one permanently.
Reply:The only way to open a new account.
Reply:you cannot edit your email address, you have to change it. won't take that long!